About MaxWell Nutrition

Spencer Maxwell Shilstone: A Legacy of Excellence in Performance Training and Wellness

Spencer Maxwell Shilstone stands at the forefront of performance training and wellness, continuing a profound legacy inspired by his father, Mackie Shilstone. His journey to excellence began with an invaluable internship at a hospital-based wellness and performance enhancement program, where he first applied the principles of peak performance and personalized wellness strategies.

Understanding the importance of a solid foundation in both the science of wellness and the art of business, Spencer pursued and excelled in his college studies, focusing on business and project management. This education equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of effective business operation and strategic project oversight, crucial skills for his future endeavors.

After college, Spencer returned to New Orleans, LA, to apply his newfound knowledge. He managed nine GNC Franchise locations across Louisiana, where he honed his leadership abilities and deepened his appreciation for the delicate balance between nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being.

His commitment to continuous learning and excellence didn’t stop with his formal education. Spencer pursued certifications in Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, Nutrition from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and later Project Management. Armed with a diverse skill set, he has made a significant impact on a wide array of clients, including Hollywood actresses, NBA players, NFL hopefuls, and Army Special Forces members, guiding them toward healthier lifestyles and superior performance.

The founding of MaxWell Nutrition marks a pinnacle in Spencer’s journey, embodying his family’s long-standing legacy and his personal mission to offer unmatched wellness solutions. Named to honor eight generations of dedication to health and excellence, MaxWell Nutrition stands as a beacon of Maximum Wellness, achieved through personalized care and cutting-edge, science-backed strategies.