Foot Doctor Bunion Orthotic


Does your big toe bother you? Do you have redness, a growing bump or pain?  Bunion development can cause pain and soreness during activity and at rest.  Normally "toe-off" occurs from the plantar (under) surface of the big toe. Excessive rolling or over-pronation can cause the toe-off phase to occur on the inner side of the big toe joint instead of underneath it. Ensuring correct biomechanics by using the Foot Doctor Bunion Orthotic and proper shoes will alleviate the pain.

  • Description / Supplement Facts

Description / Supplement Facts

Foot Doctor Bunion Orthotic is full length and designed to control over-pronation decreasing pressures on the big toe joint and is a full length orthotic.  The Foot Doctor Bunion Orthotic fits the entire length of the shoe and is used in replacement of traditional sporting shoe liner.  Available in a full range of sizes from Women’s 5 to Men’s 13.

Supplement Facts