Foot Doctor Neuroma Orthotic


Have you experienced shooting pain between your toes? Or the feeling you’ve stepped on a thumbnail?  Nerve pain is overwhelming in the foot.  You could be suffering from a neuroma.  A neuroma is an irritated or pinched nerve due to compression between the long bones in the ball of the foot.  A neuroma may develop when poor biomechanical function of the foot causes chronic irritation of a nerve triggering constant inflammation, normally between 3rd and 4th toe.

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Description / Supplement Facts

The Foot Doctor Neuroma Orthotic realigns the positioning of the forefoot bones offloading neuroma pain.  The Foot Doctor Neuroma Orthotic is available in two different versions.  The Full Length Orthotic fits the entire length of the shoe and is used in replacement of traditional sporting shoe liner.  The Dress Length Orthotic is intended to sit directly upon the sole of a dress or casual shoe covering from heel to arch of the foot only.  The Foot Doctor Neuroma Orthotic is available in a full range of sizes from Women’s 5 to Men’s 13.

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