Foot Doctor WellFit Orthotics


Tired feet or achy legs at the end of the day? Foot Doctor WellFit Orthotics allow your feet to work more efficiently and perform better when walking, standing, or during activity. WellFit full-length orthotics are designed for cushioned correction in the use of running shoes, hiking boots, tennis shoes, golf attire and other active footwear. Designed with a specific moisture wicking top cover WellFit orthotics are durable for all active lifestyles.

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Description / Supplement Facts

Foot Doctor WellFit Orthotics for Sore and Tired feet are a tried, tested and true device for aches and pains!  WellFit Orthotics are available in Full Length, designed to keep up with your daily and active lifestyle needs.  Available in a full range of sizes from Women’s 5 to Men’s 13.

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