The Majestic Pillow


Absolutely the Best Adjustable Ergonomic Pillow

Your head needs to be supported and comfortable… When you fall asleep, the muscles in your neck relax losing the ability to support your head. Your head is the equivalent of 3 times heavier than when you are awake.

The Majestic Pillow features:
  • Contoured design to provide proper support and comfort for whiplash, neck injuries, and recovering from neck surgery.
  • Relieves computer use related neck stress
  • Relieves painful shoulder pressure
  • Cradles your head and neck in blissful comfort and support
  • Height Adjustability
  • Does not reflect excess heat to sleep cooler and more comfortable
  • Enhances CPAP compliance

  • Description / Supplement Facts

Description / Supplement Facts

The Majestic Pillow

Unlike most pillows, our Majestic Pillow isn’t bunch of shredded, ineffective foam crushed into an uncomfortable, lumpy rectangle or hard memory foam configured into various shapes. Instead, we use a 2nd generation, breathable memory foam that gently conforms to properly support your neck for both back and side sleepers. We optimized it to gently cradling your head while minimizing shoulder and muscle stress.

The pillow is adjustable with two ½ inch layers for the perfect fit.

Quality – Majestic Pillow weighs about 7 pounds which is a good thing. Weight equals quality. Majestic Pillow is heavy because we use the highest quality, heavy density and most pliable foam to make our ultimate comfort pillow.

Majestic believes you deserve a restful, more restorative night’s sleep, so our new pillow design is more pliable, and the height is customizable. That is why we added the additional layer so you can raise the pillow to your desired height.

This is great for back sleepers because the contour is shaped to cradle your neck protecting and keeping your cervical curve perfectly aligned. When your cervical curve is correct your airway is open and breathing is more natural and less restricted.

Perfect for side sleepers, the shape of the contour relieves shoulder pressure while keeping your spine perfectly aligned from your head to between your shoulders.

No matter how you sleep, your neck will always be in perfect alignment all night long with the Majestic Pillow.

The Majestic Pillow is Made of 4 Parts

Majestic’s proprietary foam is molded into a shape to properly support both back and side sleepers. Unlike most pillows that flatten over time and lose shape, the durable ergonomic shape of the pillow retains its adaptive supportive, cradling comfort all night. You will never have to readjust or fluff the pillow, and your head doesn’t sink or shift.

Majestic includes an adjustable 1” layer of its proprietary foam if you want to adjust the height to your pillow. This is great for wider shoulders, making the Majestic Pillow perfect for just about anyone.

Majestic’s proprietary foam and adjustable layer fit perfectly inside a luxurious, cooling cover. The cover designed to be gentle against your face, cooling so you don’t sleep hot and stretchy to enhance how the pillow adapts to your head and neck for unrivaled comfort and support.

The Majestic Pillow design provides proper cervical support and comfort.


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