Banded Goblet Squat Warm Up Drill

 Begin this exercise by placing a circle band around your ankles and assume a wide stance – just outside shoulder width.

  1. With a kettlebell in your hands, get down to a parallel or below squat position – based on your capabilities and health history.
  2. From there, come back up halfway and open your hips wide, activating your glutes, and hold for 3-4 seconds before going back down.
  3. Perform this 2-3 times before squatting back up. Perform this whole exercise 3-5 times.

Note: This exercise is a great stabilization warm to do before performing barbell squats. It helps activate your glutes before lifting. By having the band around your ankles and not knees, it helps you focus on maintaining proper form and connection to the floor. Preventing improper knee shifts while squatting. 

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