Good Morning Exercise with Kettlebell and Foam Roller Variations

  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab a Kettlebell or Foam Roller and hold it close to your chest.
  2. Begin the exercise by leaning forward hinging at your hips. Push your butt out and maintain a slight bend in your knees.
  3. Make sure you keep your core engaged and maintain a neutral spine, while performing this exercise.
  4. Go down no more than parallel to the ground. Hold for 3-5 seconds for a strength exercise, and 30 seconds for a stretch exercise.
  5. Repeat 5-10 times for a dynamic warm-up or hold for 30-120 seconds for a gravity stretch exercise.

Note: This is a great exercise for strengthening the hamstring, back, & glutes. It also makes for a great stretch as well.

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