Plank Push-Up / Diamond Push-Up

Plank: Assume a low plank position with the arms at 90-degrees and your forearms, palms, and balls of your feet on the floor. Your feet should be shoulder width, your fingers spread wide, and your forearms parallel. Without shrugging your shoulders or sagging at the hips, shift your weight onto your left forearm and place your right palm flat on the floor below your right shoulder. Then, shift your weight onto your right palm, placing your left hand flat, and straightening both arms to assume a high-plank position. Reverse the movement and return to the low plank position. Repeat to the opposite side. Try 5-10.

Diamond: From an elevated push-up position, bring the tips of your thumbs and index fingers together making a diamond. Keeping your elbows tucked lower your torso until your chest lightly touches the backs of your hands or adapt without compromising form. Pause, then return to the elevated position. Try 5-10.

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