Scapula Retractions

Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals, whose services are typically used by clients under a physician-ordered Rx to treat a medical diagnosis, physical trauma, or specific injury. Corrective exercise specialists do not diagnose and/or treat a medical condition. They assess and evaluate a client’s musculoskeletal system for soft tissue and movement restrictions, imbalances, habitual patterns, and muscle.

For my work over 43 years, the focus is functional – train the movement that mimics the action of the sport – and performance – tactical events that simulate the same intensity of the sport or confrontation. Here we demonstrate Scapula Retractions, to reduce risk of rotator cuff injury, as well as the Towel/Stick Pullover and Seated, Supported Face Pulls.

Remember to check with your physician before you attempt to try my exercise plan or any other for the first time.