Short-Range Shoulder Extension, Triceps Press-Up & External Rotation (rotator cuff prehab)

Using a light rubber tube, place one end under one foot and hold the other end in the hand, with thumb up, on the same side. Adjust the tube length to either increase or decrease the resistance. Extend the working arm straight up. Using a short range of motion – approximately 15-degrees – decelerate the arm, followed by returning to the starting position. Try 10 reps. Option: Transition to performing an overhead triceps extension. Next, drop the arm to a 90-degree angle at the elbow and upper torso, - with thumbs up, just below shoulder height. Using the same short range of motion, lower the hand and raising in a controlled motion – decelerating the hand then changing direction and accelerating the hand. Option: Shift the arm inward and toward the body and perform a 45-degee motion. Try 10 reps. Repeat to the opposite side.
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