Stability Ball Scapular Exercise

Using a 65-centimeter stability ball, assume an "all-fours" position on top of the ball - with the abdomen in the center of the ball. With or with weight resistance (1-2 pounds), extend both arms out in front with the thumbs up. Perform a "hitch a ride" motion upward - keeping thumbs up for 10-15 short-range repetitions. Next, extend both arms out to the side - just below shoulder level - with the palms down, and thumbs pointing ahead. Perform the same type of short-range motion for 10-15 reps, with the back of the palms moving up toward the sky. Finally, bring both extended arms behind you as if you were diving into a pool. The arms are in an inverted "V" position. Perform the same short-range movement this time with the extended arms and thumbs pointing down for 10-15 reps.

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