Stabilization: shoulder mobility strength circuit: 2 of 4

Stabilization, whether physical or mental, is a process that overcomes the destabilizing effects of daily living, competition in sports and recreation, and prevention of needless non-contact injury. From a physical standpoint, stabilization of the shoulder, hip, ankle, and spine are critical to enhanced performance. For the everyday wear and tear of daily living, stabilization provides for mobilization – as one body part provides control, its associated counterpart provides motion – with motion comes function.

Shoulder Stability / Mobility Strength Circuit

Using the same set-up as the previous stability/mobility range of motion exercise, with or without the light weight, perform a “hitching a ride” motion with both arms, thumbs up. Lift the arms only several inches of the ground. Next perform a “W” motion squeezing the shoulder blades lightly – with elbow dropping the side of the waist at the mid-level of the back. Next, with arms outstretched and thumbs pointing forward, palms facing down, while squeezing the shoulder blades, lift both arms several inches off the ground in a “T” – spine and arms. Try 10 reps of each.