Shoulder Stability and Range of Motion

Stabilization, whether physical or mental, is a process that overcomes the destabilizing effects of daily living, competition in sports and recreation, and prevention of needless non-contact injury. From a physical standpoint, stabilization of the shoulder, hip, ankle, and spine are critical to enhanced performance. For the everyday wear and tear of daily living, stabilization provides for mobilization – as one body part provides control, its associated counterpart provides motion - with motion comes function. Shoulder Stability / Mobility Range of Motion: Lay prone (face down) on a mat with the arms outstretched - either holding in one hand a very light weight (maybe 1 pound) or no resistance at all. Using one hand, rotate behind the back in an “around the world” motion close to the ground, where you transfer the weight to the other hand. With no resistance, clap the hands together at the low back area and finish the
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