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Jump & Push-Away Circuit

Many people use lack of time, knowledge, or location, as roadblocks to starting or even consistently choosing to exercise. Research has demonstrated that ten-minute walks during the day, or even short, high-intensity (10 seconds “all-out”) intervals can not only improve your cardio-respiratory fitness level, but also increase your metabolic (calorie burning) rate. During March, April and I are going to break down some of the barriers halting your chance to improve your fitness anywhere you go. Jump & Push-Away Circuit Short, quick jumps not only increase leg power, but also tone and strengthen the legs. Combining it with explosively pushing-away against bodyweight resistance at different angles can do the same thing for the upper torso. In addition by alternating jumping & pushing, you create a peripheral heart conditioning effect – while the upper torso is working, the lower is resting and vice versa – improving cardio-fitness and power simultaneously. Using a jump rope – or not – try 20 short, quick jumps using the calves at the source of power. Walk over to a wall and stand a foot away. Hands spread in a vertical plank – push-up position, arms extended.  Forcefully push-away from the wall and decelerate back to the wall. Try 10 times. Adjust angle from the wall to increase or decrease tension. Go back and perform 20 jumps, then return to the wall. This time, place forearms on the wall with elbows at 90-degrees. Perform 10 explosive close-in push-away and decelerations. Try 3 sets.
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