Video Series: Kettlebell Exercises

The kettlebell is a metal object that resembles a cannon ball with a handle. It’s use, as a form of resistance training, dates to the late 19th century in Russian and Europe. Since the kettlebell weight is not evenly distributed, it provides an unstable challenge while handling. Here are my favorite kettlebell full-body exercises.

In this series:

Kettlebell Lateral Stationary Lunge with Transition

Assume a standing position with the legs spread and toes pointing at 45-degree angles. With the kettlebell held close to the inside of one leg, alternate shifting your weight from side to side transitioning the kettlebell to the inside of the leg, as the weight shifts. Try 3-5 to each side.

Kettlebell Stationary Reverse Lunge with Transition

Assume an upright position with the kettlebell in one hand at the side of the right hip, arm extended down. Perform a reverse lunge with the leg opposite the kettlebell extending backward. Do not shift your weight to the back leg. Pause, then come forward to the standing position.  Try 5 reverse lunges. Perform the same motion backward with the opposite leg and the kettlebell by the side of the left hip. Try 3-5 on each leg in an alternating fashion.

Kettlebell Walking Forward Lunge

Hold a kettlebell by the handle in your right hand – arm by your side – with shoulders back and chest upright. Slowly step forward with left leg, bending knee into a lunge position – with rear knee a comfortable distance from the ground –  keeping the right foot in place. Pause, then push down through your forward foot to move your body upward to a standing position. Try 5 walking lunges. Then, perform the same movement with the kettlebell in your left hand and your right leg steps forward.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart – with toes pointed out. Hold a kettlebell with both hands around the sides of the handle – close to your chest. Slowly bend both knees so that thighs are just above parallel to the floor – with elbows forward and back straight. Stand up to your starting position with your feet firmly on the floor. Try 5-10 squats.

Kettlebell Swings

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, with a kettlebell centered just in front of your feet. While contacting the abdominal muscles, roll your shoulders back, and push your hips back – bending the knees. Grab the kettlebell with both arms. Inhale and pull the kettlebell back quickly until your wrists are between your thighs and the kettlebell is slightly behind your legs, near your butt. Then, exhale as you make an explosive forward movement with hips to swing the kettlebell upward and out in front of you. Your arms should finish parallel to the floor. Then, lower your chest towards the floor and push hips back, to swing the kettlebell between your legs and behind you. Try 5-10 swings.

Kettlebell Deadlifts

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart – with a kettlebell just outside each foot on the floor. While you contract your abdominal muscles, retract your shoulder blades – pushing your hips back, while bending knees to reach kettlebell handles. Grip the kettlebells, keeping arms and back straight- with feet flat on the floor. Lift your chest — pressing hips forward until you’re standing up straight. Pause and inhale before lowering your body. Try 5 to 10 deadlifts.

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