Video Series: Single Resistance Exercises

Exercises – using a single resistance object, such as a dumbbell or light elastic cord, can be quite effective, especially when cost or space is a consideration. Here are some effective exercises, using a light dumbbell and an elastic rubber cord, that will challenge your core area, hips, and buttocks.

In this series:

Short Range Inner Thigh & Butt Strengthening

Inner Thigh – using a large, rubber resistance band, attach it to a fixed object at knee height. Place the band around the back of the knee and face the anchor. Using a short range of motion – the knee should not migrate past the toes – move the knee forward and back, while the non-support leg is either flexed behind the working knee or with a light toe touch. You can also perform next to a wall if balance support is needed. Try 10-15 repetitions and repeat with the other leg.

Butt – stand on one end of the band – located at mid-foot – placing the other end around the shoulder on the same side as the working leg. Flex (lower) the working leg, such that the knee does not migrate over the toes. Return to the starting position. Try 10-15 reps and repeat with the other leg.

Butt/Hip (Glute Max/Med) Strengthening

 Hip – With or without a light dumbbell in each hand, assume a stable (against wall in case of loss of balance) stationary Split Squat position. Perform 5-10 ¼ stationary split squats.

Butt- Move to a standing position – Single Leg Romanian Deadlift – with feet in a mid-shoulder width position. Using one or both dumbbells bend forward with one knee slightly bent, while the other extended leg counterbalances with a pendulum motion. Keep the dumbbell(s) close to the support leg as you bend forward – only to a comfortable position. Return to the starting position. Try 5-6 single leg Romanian deadlifts. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Elastic Band Hip Stretches

Assume a standing position with feet shoulder width apart for support. Anchor a circular elastic cord around a fixed object – such as a pole – and step into the band. Place the band behind both knees. Push back to achieve the most comfortable resistance. Perform a ¼ squat – separating the band as you squat. Try 5-10 ¼ squats. Next, assume a half-kneeling position facing the anchor with the cord in the front upper groin area. While in an upright half-kneeling position, lean in slightly and contract the buttock on the side with the cord around the hip/groin.

Dumbbell Prone, Elevated Plank Push-Across

Assume a prone, elevated (arms extended) plank position with feet spread wide for support, and a light dumbbell opposite one hand. Shift your body weight to the side opposite the dumbbell. Push the dumbbell with the non-support hand to the opposite hand. Repeat the pattern back to the starting hand. Try 5-6 dumbbell pushes. Then return to the ground.

Dumbbell Half-Kneeling Wood Chop

Assume a half-kneeling position with each leg at a 90-degree angle at the knee. With a light dumbbell gripped in both hands held off to the side of the hip, rotate in a diagonal pattern from low to high – following the motions with your head. Try 5-6 rotations. Switch and perform to the opposite side.

Dumbbell Seated Twist & Press

Assume a seated position with a slight backward lean – knees bent and feet about 12 inches off the floor – a V position. With a light dumbbell gripped at the ends by both hands & held close to the chest, rotate to the left and right – your head following the torso rotation – then press the dumbbell up in an incline motion. Try 5-6 rotations & presses. Lower the feet. Move into a supine bridge position with or without the dumbbell across the hips (lower ab area). Perform 3-5 bridges to stretch the hip flexors.

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