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The Shilstone name has been synonymous with fitness, nutrition, and wellness for nearly half a century. Through his landmark career improving the health and careers of thousands of people, including professional athletes and superstars like Serena Williams, my father, Mackie Shilstone, earned the title of “America’s Fitness Expert,” sharing his knowledge through six books and a chain of GNC franchise locations across Metro New Orleans.


I’m continuing that tradition at MaxwellNutrition.com by offering well-sourced, made-in-the-US health, wellness, and nutritional products based on science-driven research and meeting the highest purity standards by 3rd-party lab testing. Maxwell Nutrition also offers fitness and nutrition information through our online articles and videos—including Mackie’s Workout Wednesday videos, Maximum Wellness column and podcasts, and unique, healthy MaxWell Nutrition recipes.


Let my family help you and yours to achieve your maximum wellness potential.

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Mackie's approach to fitness helped John Goodman and it can help you too.

John Goodman’s amazing weight loss is in the news again, and once more Mackie Shilstone is being credited as a critical player in Goodman’s physical transformation.

Mackie’s methods have worked for thousand of athletes and celebrites and they can work for you, too. For a limited time, we’re giving away Mackie’s latest book, “Stop Renting Your Health, Own It!” with purchases of $50 or more.
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Can Sleep Durations Affect Mortality?

As we age, especially over 65, our habitual sleep duration changes— emphasizing a potentially shorter duration that has been associated with increased risk to obesity and hypertension— irrespective of sleep apnea (stop breathing) interruptions.

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