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Banded Pull Through

Banded Pull Through

The "Banded Pull Through" is a great exercise that helps your glutes, hamstrings, groin muscles, and deep core muscles.

To get started, you'll need a band attached to a point at ankle height. Stand facing away from the anchor, and then bend forward at your hips so that your chest is close to the ground. Hold the band between your legs, and keep your knees slightly bent. Now, stand up straight by hinging at your hips, and pull the band toward your groin. Hold it there for two seconds, squeezing your groin muscles and your glutes. After that, gently bend forward again in a controlled way.

Remember to breathe out when you're at the top and breathe in when you're bending forward. If you want to make this exercise tougher, you can try doing it with just one hand. This exercise is like a great workout for your backside muscles, and when performed one-handed, even better for the deep core muscles.

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