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Beginner to Full Progression

Beginner to Full Progression

Hip & Mid-Spine Stability / Mobility The hips and mid-spine (Thoracic or T-Spine) are highly mobile joints that function through the three planes of motion (frontal, transverse, and sagittal). Exercises that integrate the hips and spine simultaneously are an effective way to maintain stability, mobility, and balance.  The exercises we will demonstrate over the coming weeks can be used to warm up the body before a lower body strength routine. They can also be performed daily in the morning to help with joint stiffness. Remember, with movement comes function. 90/90 Beginner to Full Progression  Beginner: Start by sitting on the floor (with a comfortable surface) with your legs bent and your hands on the floor behind you. From there external rotate one leg to the outside at 90º angle and internally rotate the other leg to the inside at 90º angle. (If you can’t sit with your legs at 90º angle without pain, go as close as you can pain free.) Go back and forth switch leg rotations. This will help open your hips. First progression: Perform the same exercise, but this time hold your hands to your chest. This will make you need to control the movement of your hips while having to support your weight while moving. Final Progression: At the end range of motion of the 90/90 exercise, you will then lift yourself off the ground and extend your hips. This will help strengthen your core and posterior chain and stretch out your quadricep and hip flexors. Work up to 5-10 reps on each side. You can practice doing the lift offs on one side at a time first. When you fully progress, switch legs after each rep and perform it 5-10 times on each side.  
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