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Bent-Arm and Scapula Mobility

Bent-Arm and Scapula Mobility

Many people use lack of time, knowledge, or location, as roadblocks to starting or even consistently choosing to exercise. Research has demonstrated that ten-minute walks during the day, or even short, high-intensity (10 seconds “all-out”) intervals can not only improve your cardio-respiratory fitness level, but also increase your metabolic (calorie burning) rate. During March, April and I are going to break down some of the barriers halting your chance to improve your fitness anywhere you go. Bent-Arm Scapula (shoulder blades) Mobility A lack of upward shoulder rotation may cause shoulder impingement – compression in the shoulder capsule. New research shows that a shoulder stretch with the elbows bent is effective at increasing upward shoulder rotation. Stand about a foot from a wall. With both arms by the side and the elbows fully flexed, bend both shoulders forward while maintaining their elbows pointing forward throughout the motion. Walk up the wall with the fingers until the elbows are pointing directly up. Then clasp your hands behind your head. Extend your spine until you feel a stretch in the back of the arms (triceps). Hold, exhale, then reverse the motion back to the start. Try 3 stretches.
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