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Butt Blaster

Butt Blaster

With Spring in the air and the weather getting warmer, it’s time to get ready for outdoor activities – specifically the swimsuit season. When you hear the phase toning the muscles, what we’re really talking about is strengthening a muscle and reducing the subcutaneous “soft fat” covering it. Less subcutaneous fat (under the skin surface), the more the muscle looks “toned or firm.”

Your caloric intake and distribution of macronutrients – protein, fat, carbohydrates – addresses not only lean muscle preservation or increase, but also loss of fat under the skin, around and within muscle tissue.

In this series, we’ll focus on strengthening specific muscle groups, which can accentuate a lean physique – with appropriate dietary modifications.

Butt Blaster (glut max)

Using a light-to-moderate thick rubber exercise band, lie on your back and place both ends around the feet at the mid-shoe point – with feet flat on the ground and the legs bent to 90-degrees. Pull the band up and over resting across to a point behind the kneecaps on the thigh. Separate the thighs against the resistance, so the knees are parallel to each other.  Hands are at your sides with arms extended palms down for support. Against the resistance of the band, raise to an elevated bridge position, while keeping the thighs in position. Hold for a 2-count and return to start. Try 10 bridges.

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