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Elevated Prone Plank Marching

Elevated Prone Plank Marching

Exercising without equipment can offer both the ability to increase strength endurance and cardiovascular improvement simultaneously. This form of full body exercise is a great way to create variety in a weekly exercise plan, while also offering an option for vacation travel, when exercise equipment may not be available. Elevated Prone Plank Marching Using a study chair to support your feet, assume an elevated, prone plank position. Hands should be should-width apart with feet stable on the chair seat. Release your right hand and reach across your body to touch your left shoulder, ensuring that you brace your abdominals to keep your hips parallel to (in line with) the floor. Try 5 on each side. A variation is to simple alternate lifting the right and left hands several inches off the ground, as if marching with the hands. You can also perform a forearm press-up, then alternate lifting each hand.
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