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Pull-Apart & External Rotation (scapula stabilization prehab)

Pull-Apart & External Rotation (scapula stabilization prehab)

Using a light tube, grasp both ends – about several inches from the end – determined by the desired level of resistance. Place the tube at chest level with thumbs pointing inward. Pull apart the tube with arms extended outward. Perform an in & out motion - retracting the scapula’s, which causes the tube to make contact with the chest. Try 10 reps. Option: Shift the hands to diagonal pattern (left up, right low & vice versa) and perform same movement. Try 10 reps. Bring the tube to waist level – with thumbs pointing out and elbows at a 90-degree angle in contact with the sides of the body. Perform the same in & out motion. Option: Work one arm, with the other acting as an anchor. Repeat with other arm. Try 10 reps.
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