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Side Plank with Drops & Toe Touches

Side Plank with Drops & Toe Touches

The Foundation for Fitness in the new year begins with an appointment with your physician to assess your overall health relative to your capabilities, as to whether you can increase the frequency, intensity, and volume of an existing exercise program, or for beginners, who’ve made a commitment to take back ownership of their health. From a biomechanical standpoint, a good place to start is the CORE - composed of 29 muscles, that work synergistically together to help protect your spine. The core is the transition point, where power is maintained or lost between extremities.

Side Plank with Toe Touches

Assume a side-plank position with the support arm positioned under the shoulder at 90-degrees at the elbow - with palm down and fingers pointing out. From a rigid position, drop the hip toward the ground several inches. Return to the starting position. Next, move the non-support hand extended overhead, then simultaneously swing the top extended leg out to the side and up toward the arm moving down. Touch the hand to the forefoot. Return to the start. Try 5-10 - alternating between the drop & toe touches.

Variation: Start from a bent knee position.

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