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Single Arm Banded March

Single Arm Banded March

The "Single Arm Banded March" is an exercise that is beneficial for stabilizing and strengthening your deep core muscles, including the pelvic floor, as well as, grip strength.

Put a thick rubber band around the horns of a kettlebell. Then, grab the band and stand up nice and tall with the kettlebell hanging on one side of your body. Make sure your core muscles are activated, and don't let the weight make you lean to one side. Now, brace your core by taking a deep breath, as if you were preparing to take a punch to the gut, and then start walking forward for 30 steps, or you can just march in one spot for 30 steps.

Remember to breathe while marching. Holding your breath will prevent you from properly activating all the muscles in your core, especially the pelvic floor muscles. After that, switch sides and do it again. Start with a lighter weight and then safely work up towards 40% of your body weight as you advance.  The band allows the kettlebell to bounce up and down slightly, so that your core muscles must work hard to keep you stable. It's a great exercise for your deep core muscles that help support your spine!

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