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Many people use lack of time, knowledge, or location, as roadblocks to starting or even consistently choosing to exercise. Research has demonstrated that ten-minute walks during the day, or even short, high-intensity (10 seconds “all-out”) intervals can not only improve your cardio-respiratory fitness level, but also increase your metabolic (calorie burning) rate. In this series, April and I are going to break down some of the barriers halting your chance to improve your fitness anywhere you go. 4 of 5: Skiing With age, we tend to lose hand strength that can affect everyday events like picking up objects. In fact, women lose hand strength at alarming rates, with age. The key is to use both the hands and forearms simultaneously, when performing strengthening exercises. Using a strong rope, gloves, and a cushion, place the rope doubled-over around a fixed, immovable object – like a solid fence – just above your height. Grab the ends of the rope with each gloved hand (to prevent a rope burn). Sit down slowly – decelerating using the hands and forearms – until you sit on the cushion. Using both arms and legs, pull up to a starting position. A variation is to grab the rope with one hand over the other and walk down the rope to a seating position. Return in the same way you came down, pulling one hand over the other. An advanced movement is to decelerate down with one hand and pull up with the other. Try 5-10 decelerations & pulls.
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