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TheraBand-Assisted Upper Extremity Stretch

TheraBand-Assisted Upper Extremity Stretch

Maintenance of flexibility, especially as we age, is important to reduce the risk of injury, such as hip fractures, which can have a high mortality rate in the elderly. As we advance in years over 60, there is a tendency to diminish leg strength, as measured by the sit-to-stand or sit-to-go test. Assisted lower extremity flexibility exercises, using a TheraBand – a thin, elastic rubber cord of varying intensities (thickness) – can facilitate an effective upper & lower flexibility strategy by most individuals, while practicing the sit-to-stand and Up & Go variatioins can help with improving balance and leg strength. TheraBand-Assisted Upper Extremity Stretch Grabbing the TheraBand is both hands – distance apart determines resistance – perform overhead & circles around the upper torso than progressively extends down the sides of the body. Reverse the motion. Then center the TheraBand at chest level and perform pull-aparts. Shift the hands to a diagonal position on one side and pull-apart. Perform to the opposite side. Try 10 repetitions for each exercise.
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