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Towel-Assisted Sliding Pigeon Stretch

Towel-Assisted Sliding Pigeon Stretch

Hip & Mid-Spine Stability / Mobility The hips and mid-spine (Thoracic or T-Spine) are highly mobile joints that function through the three planes of motion (frontal, transverse, and sagittal). Exercises that integrate the hips and spine simultaneously are an effective way to maintain stability, mobility, and balance.  The exercises we will demonstrate over the coming weeks can be used to warm up the body before a lower body strength routine. They can also be performed daily in the morning to help with joint stiffness. Remember, with movement comes function. Hip & Mid-Spine Stability / Mobility 4: Towel-Assisted Sliding Pigeon Stretch: Get in a seat position with your left leg in front of you at a 90º angle (If you can’t sit with your legs at 90º angle without pain, go as close as you can pain free.) Place your right leg behind you with your toes facing down. With the assistance of a towel, slide forward with your right arm over your left leg. This will stretch out your left hip and right Lat muscle. Hold for 3-5 seconds and come back and do it again. Perform on the same side 5 times and then switch legs.  Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.
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