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BOSU Ball Bird Dog

BOSU Ball Bird Dog

A recent trend in exercise is to take traditional movements, such as the push-up, squat, and lunge, and perform them on an unstable medium, which increases the difficulty and enhances proprioception – also known as kinesthesia. Kinesthesia, notes WebMD, “is your body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location. Without proprioception, you wouldn’t be able to move without thinking about your next step.” The BOSU (both sides up) ball, which has been used in a rehabilitative setting, offers the exerciser opportunities to develop better balance via instability training. Exercise 3: Bird Dog - dome surface Start with elbows resting on the BOSU & knees resting on the ground. Then, lift and extend the right arm off the BOSU, until the arm is parallel to the floor. Simultaneously raise the left leg from the ground by performing a hip extension movement. The working leg and arm should elevate to the same height. Hold for a 2-count and repeat 5-10 times. Switch working arm and leg and perform same movements.
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