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Thomas Test for Hip Flexibility

Thomas Test for Hip Flexibility

The Thomas Test is a useful assessment technique to evaluate the flexibility and tightness of the hip flexor muscles. To perform this test, lie down on a flat surface, such as a sturdy table or bench, with both knees hugged towards your chest. Release one leg and let it hang down towards the floor while keeping the other knee hugged to your chest. As you do this, make sure your lower back remains flat against the surface, without any arching or lifting of the spine. Observe the position of the hanging leg: if it remains flat against the table or bench, it indicates flexible hip flexors. However, if the thigh of the hanging leg rises off the surface, it suggests tight hip flexor muscles. The Thomas Test can help identify any potential imbalances in the hip flexors and assist in tailoring an appropriate exercise or stretching routine to address any issues found.

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