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The Top Five Foods to Buy Organic

The Top Five Foods to Buy Organic

Many of the food and beverage products that would normally be healthy for us and which would normally be recommend for consumption are, unfortunately, sprayed with toxic chemical pesticides or are shot up with chemicals that could render their products less healthy. Foods and beverages that are labeled and marketed as “organic” are generally those that are grown naturally and not sprayed with insecticides or injected with chemicals that are not part of a natural process. These types of consumables are most often found in specialty stores, often referred to as “health food stores.” They are generally more high-priced in these specialty stores than they are in conventional supermarkets but, for practical reasons of good health, they are worth the price.

Here is a list of five foods that we would recommend you buy organically:

  1. Dairy products: from cows fed without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormone or antibiotics.
  2. Eggs: Small amounts of pesticides may pass from chickens to eggs. Organic eggs come from birds that eat organic feed and are not pumped up with growth hormone or dosed with antibiotics.
  3. Peaches: require a large amount of pesticides to grow conventionally and have extremely delicate skin.
  4. Nectarines: rank high on the scale of pesticide-laden foods.
  5. Bell peppers: have thin skins and are heavily sprayed with insecticides. However, cost may be a serious consideration for many people on tight budgets.

Our recommendation is that if you buy produce from the grocery store or from an outdoor vendor and it isn’t organic, you wash and wipe it off thoroughly before consuming.

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