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Top Five Foods That Claim to be Healthy

Top Five Foods That Claim to be Healthy

Today we would like to discuss some of the foods and beverages that, despite manufacturers’ claims to the contrary, may not actually be so good for you. Most of us know which consumables to avoid when we are trying to lose weight and stay healthy, but there are a number of food and drink items that appear to be safe alternatives yet really aren’t. A closer look at the contents on the label will give you the real story. These supposedly healthy foods and beverages may be high in sugar content, unhealthy fats and carbohydrates.

Here are five of the top examples of this:

  1. Dried Fruits: cup for cup, dried fruits have 5-8 times more calories then fresh fruit
  2. Granola: usually rolled in oils and sugar, thus increasing calories tremendously
  3. Flavored waters: the added sugar content is often equivalent to drinking a soda; don’t be fooled by the added vitamins
  4. Wraps: in most wraps just the wrap itself could pack on 300 extra calories, plus what you are actually wrapping
  5. Juice: even 100% juice can pack on the carbohydrates and calories quickly yet provide very little fiber.

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