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Teenagers Top Five Foods for Success

Teenagers Top Five Foods for Success

The teenage years are, for nearly all young people who go through it, a time of transition bridging childhood with adulthood. As both boys and girls reach puberty, their body characteristics begin changing internally as well as externally and they begin facing situations they may not have had to face earlier; skin complexion, for example. Acne, if potentially left untreated, may be a cause of unnecessary negative emotional and physical issues in teenagers. Luckily, there are solutions today.

Here is a list of five of the top foods for teenagers to help fight blemishes, as well as help them build strong bones, teeth and immune systems:

  1. Water — Drink plenty of it. If the skin becomes dehydrated, dead skin cells are not effectively shed, which can lead to blocked pores and further acne.
  2. Papaya — It is good for your skin outside as well as in. It’s used in facial cleansers to fight blemishes. When eaten, the big doses of vitamins C and A combat aging and impurities.
  3. Avocados — Rich in omega-9s, vitamin E and antioxidants they help your skin glow, and contain plenty of B6 to boost energy and fight fatigue.
  4. Low-fat milk – rich in calcium that is essential for growing bones and teeth
  5. Almonds – contain healthy amounts of iron and some B vitamins, helping your brain, nerves and muscles to function properly.

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