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Vitamin D & Calcium Fighting Gestational Diabetes

Vitamin D & Calcium Fighting Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes can be a significant problem for many pregnant women. According to Life Extension online, it may affect seven percent of all United States pregnancies and a more significant prevalence throughout the world. It can lead to severe complications for the health of the mom and baby if left untreated. A new study out of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran reports that the combination of vitamin D and calcium may help combat the problem. Their research study looked at 56 pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus and separated them into a placebo group and a group that received “1000 mg of calcium per day and 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 tablets two times during the study”.

The study lasted six weeks. The study authors reported, “observed significant reductions in fasting plasma glucose, insulin, and LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol, as well as improvements in insulin sensitivity and increases in HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol compared to those who took placebo.” In addition, they noted this supplementation “had beneficial effects on the metabolic profile, and this is important because elevated circulating levels of inflammatory markers and impaired insulin metabolism in gestational diabetes mellitus can predict the progression to type 2 diabetes later in life and neonatal complications.” Although this is an interesting study with potential benefits, more research is needed. What is extremely helpful is that there are promising treatments for gestational diabetes. Our advice for all pregnant women is to regularly see your physician so that they can monitor your pregnancy and to ask them to recommend a diet and whether or not vitamin D and calcium may be right for you.

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