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Chicken, Orange, & Walnut Salad

Chicken, Orange, & Walnut Salad


  1. Peel the orange and cut out the pulp and set aside. Squeeze the juice from the rest of the orange and keep it for the sauce.
  2. Mix the ingredients of the dressing in a cup, season with salt and pepper. (Dressing Ingredients: Honey, Mustard, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, and Cinnamon)
  3. Cut the chicken breast into 4 smaller pieces, season with salt, coat with olive oil and place on a hot grill pan — grill for 4 minutes on both sides.
  4. Drizzle the chicken pieces with a tbsp. of dressing and continue to grill for about 1.5 minutes on a slightly lower heat, turn over, drizzle with another tbsp. of dressing and grill for another minute, then remove from the pan and set aside. Once cooled, slightly slice into pieces.
  5. Mix the salad leaves and divide it between two plates, then top with the orange and chicken. Sprinkle with the pomegranate seeds and roasted pecans. Drizzle with the remaining dressing and serve.
Macros per single serving:
Calories: 458
Protein: 28g
Carbs: 47g
Fat: 20g
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