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Fiber Up Your Life

Fiber Up Your Life

Do you ever get that queasy, sometimes fiery feeling in your belly just before or during a bowel movement? If so and if diarrhea is the result, you can fight back with fiber.

Fiber or ”roughage” as it is also known, is a carbohydrate found in the walls of the plant’s cells and is the only part of the plant that cannot be digested by the human body. Its main function is to keep the digestive system healthy and functioning properly. Fiber aids and speeds up the excretion of waste and toxins from the body, preventing them from sitting in the intestine or bowel for too long, which could cause a build-up and lead to serious discomfort and/or certain types of illnesses.

There are two types of fiber – insoluble and soluble – and both are essential to the digestive process. Because of this, it is important to make fiber-rich foods and beverages a part of your regular eating pattern.

Here are some recommendations:

for insoluble fiber, foods containing bran and whole-meal flour, along with whole-grain breads and cereals, brown rice, vegetables, edible peels of fruit, nuts and seeds. Soluble fiber-rich foods she recommends include fruits, vegetables, lentils, peas, beans, oats, barley, oatmeal, potatoes, dried fruit, soya milk and soya products. Not recommended for fiber content are refined cereals and white bread, meat and animal products, dairy produce and fast foods.

A recommended intake of “roughage” ranges from 30-35 grams a day. And, drink plenty of water to help aid digestion especially when irregularities persist.

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