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Top Five Food Sources For Vitamin D

Top Five Food Sources For Vitamin D

A study  in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke, and reported online at LifeExtension, showed that Vitamin D may be more Important than first thought in fighting strokes. Furthermore, lead researchers also believe that getting Vitamin D through your diet, and not just relying on sunlight as the primary source, may also lower your risk of stroke as you age. Vitamin D is associated with vascular health and limiting inflammation, which could be consistent with lower stroke risk.

The University of Hawaii examined (from 1965 — 1968), over 7,000 Japanese-American men between the ages of 45 and 68, for their dietary levels of Vitamin D from food. They studied these individuals over a 34-year period. They reported that those in the lowest 25 percent of Vitamin D intake from food had a “25 percent higher adjusted stroke risk than the risk experienced by those whose intake was among the top 25 percent.” They cite the need for food sources of Vitamin D is especially important because our bodies have a hard time synthesizing it in our later years.

Our advice is to always keep a balanced diet and look for healthy foods that contain Vitamin D. Read the nutritional labels and limit fats and sugars. In addition, you may want to consider adding a Vitamin D supplement, but always consult your primary care physician for advice and dosage recommendations prior to beginning a supplement.

Our top five foods high in Vitamin D are:

  1. Fortified Dairy and Soy Products
  2. Fatty Fish such as Salmon
  3. Fortified, Whole Grain Cereals
  4. Fish Liver Oils such as Cod
  5. Fortified, Low-Fat Yogurt
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