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What is a Good Meal Plan for You?

What is a Good Meal Plan for You?

Have you ever wondered what exactly constitutes a good meal plan? Moreover have you ever wondered what foods you should be incorporating in your meal plan that will emphasize on weight loss? In this article we will discuss the top five foods, in our opinion, that emphasize weight loss. The meal plan that you follow should be one that is high in lean protein, low in sugar, high in fiber, low in non-essential additives and balanced with clean carbohydrates. It should also include a moderate intake of unsaturated fatty acids. Here are five of the best foods , in our opinion, that emphasize weight loss.

  1. Greek yogurt (low fat) – high protein, low sugar alternative to regular yogurts
  2. Nuts – high in unsaturated fats; help you feel full quickly
  3. Cottage Cheese (low fat) – high protein snack
  4. Fiber – takes longer to digest keeping you fuller longer and helps regulate blood sugars
  5. Eggs – high in protein, low in fat; full-feeling way to start the morning

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Many of us also wonder how many meals we should eat per day. Don’t worry, we have that covered in another article that you can ready right Here!

Remember you should always consult with your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional program

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