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Top Five Berries Containing Resveratrol

Top Five Berries Containing Resveratrol

An online paper of The American Journal of Cardiology featured a comprehensive and interesting study on the potential cardiovascular health benefits of resveratrol. It was a large study by researcher Dr. Juan Carlos Espin and included 74 participants who had cardiovascular risk factors and who were on statin medication.

Resveratrol is a chemical found naturally occurring in specific foods and berries that have been thought to assist with anti-aging as well as a host of other positive health benefits. The clinical trial broke down into three groups: one that received an 8 milligram dose of grape extract that contained resveratrol, another group that was administered a grape supplement that contained no resveratrol and finally a group that received a placebo. All groups were blood tested and measured for a baseline in the beginning, at the six month mark (where the dose administered began to double) and at one year.

Researchers concluded that group that received the resveratrol “significantly improved the inflammatory and fibrinolytic status of patients undergoing primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.” They further concluded that the resveratrol “seemed to exert a statin-like effect beyond patients’ standard medication.”

The take away from the study is that consuming foods, or even a supplement, containing resveratrol may in fact help you fight heart disease by lowering inflammation in the body and by acting as an anticoagulant in the blood stream. Essentially, the blood will have a tougher time becoming sticky potentially leading to blockages in and around the heart.

The foods you eat or drink can introduce high amounts of resveratrol into your system and can have other health benefits as well. Red wine and surprisingly to most, peanuts, are high in resveratrol, but if you are looking to maximize the healthy additions to your diet, incorporate fresh berries into meals.

Our top five berries are:

  1. Grapes
  2. Blueberries
  3. Strawberries
  4. Cranberries
  5. Mulberries

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