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Top Five Ways To Remove Stress From Your Life

Top Five Ways To Remove Stress From Your Life

Taking the stress out of your life is always easier said than done. According to a new report from the Harvard Health Publication, however, ways to cut stress from your life are within your control. The report describes how studies indicate a direct link between stress and heart disease and stroke. The danger of stress is something that I frequently discuss in my writing, because it can lead to so many negative vices and chronic health conditions.

At its core, stress can be a very good thing as your body experiences the fight or flight response. In low to moderate levels, stress can provide focus and energy. Repeated and high levels of stress on your body essentially overload the system. It causes the body to not function correctly and overwhelms the emotions.

Remember, even with some small changes to your outlook and routine, stress levels can begin to decline. The two major hurdles are committing to making the necessary changes to improve your health and identifying and fixing those areas that are causing the stress.

According to the Harvard University report, the top five ways to remove stress from your life are:

  1. Don’t Be Late — scrambling around to get to an appointment or to drop the kids off to school can throw off your entire day. Make a schedule ahead of time, don’t overbook yourself and factor in time so you can remain calm can be a great start to your day.
  2. Don’t Overextend — touched on this above, but make sure you do not commit to doing too many things. It is really easy to not know your limitations and want to take on plenty of projects. Resist this urge and find the balance between a healthy schedule and one that is consistently overextended.
  3. Be Optimistic — when you are stressed, even the thought of going out to do something fun may feel like a chore. Understand that being pessimistic throughout the day can create a bad spiraling effect. Instead, work on looking at the positives of meeting friends out or finding time for a hobby you enjoy.
  4. Have Confidence — the power of confidence is amazing, and conquering any challenge in life starts with believing you can.
  5. Cope With Conflicts — conflicts and confrontations happen in life as we deal with many situations. Don’t let the thought of conflict add stress to your day, and make sure you don’t avoid conflicts all together. Keeping conflict internal without an outlet or resolution will only prolong stress.

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