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Top Five Symptoms To Ask Your Physician About

Top Five Symptoms To Ask Your Physician About

It is extremely common that as we age the body develops varying conditions that have never manifested before. It is almost inevitable that some of these symptoms may raise questions about whether you should see your primary care physician or if it is minor and may run its course on its own.

Our first advice is to always take any new symptoms seriously. See your doctor if you are concerned about it or if you believe it has the potential to worsen. Our other piece of advice centers around being proactive about your health. Doing the right things now, such as getting good nutrition, exercise and a full night’s sleep, may significantly minimize potential health problems as we age.

In helping to shed some light on what symptoms you should always consult a physician on, the writers at Life Extension produced a list of the symptoms you should never ignore.

Their top five list includes:

  1. Sharp Joint Pain — This could be the signal of a more acute joint condition, especially if it lasts more than two or three days.
  2. Sudden Headaches — If you begin having chronic or suddenly severe headaches that you normally don’t get, seek medical help immediately as there may be underlying causes. Your doctor may even refer you to a neurologist for additional advice.
  3. Lumps — If you develop any new lumps located under your skin, it is always best to get it checked out. Often times, a biopsy may be required to determine what it is and its seriousness.
  4. Unusual Bleeding — No matter where it occurs in the body, if you experience unanticipated or unexplained bleeding, seek out medical help immediately. If may be necessary to visit the emergency department if you cannot see your physician in a timely manner.
  5. Extreme Tenderness — Tenderness in any of your muscles or skin, particularly in the stomach region, should get prompt attention

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