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Top Five Tips for Avoiding Soft Drinks

Top Five Tips for Avoiding Soft Drinks

An eye opening new study was featured this week on Life Extension online discussing the negative effects of sugar on our bodies. The study, originally published in theEuropean Journal of Nutrition, tested how muscles reacted to a diet of regular soft drink consumption. The results they reported were not good at all for people who are regular soda drinkers.

There are a few main takeaway points form the study. Results indicate that soft drinks can change our entire metabolism and can allow muscles to actually promote aninefficient metabolic system after only about four weeks of regular consumption.

This is performed as the muscles begin to anticipate and prepare for your next sugary drink by changing your gene activity. Furthermore, researchers indicate that it makes it much harder for our body to deal with blood sugar variations and that it “encourages unhealthy adaptations similar to those seen in people with obesity problems and type-2 diabetes.”

We agree with researchers and believe that there are significant health dangers associated with sugary diets. It is best to eliminate as much refined sugar from your diet as possible.

Our top five tips on avoiding are:

  1. Drink water — it gets down to basics, but water is always your best bet to drink.
  2. Limit fruit juices — although fruit juices can be a healthy option, they often contain higher levels of sugar. Limit your intake, or better yet, cut it with some water.
  3. Drink more tea — tea, especially green tea, has been shown to be good for your health and contains many antioxidants.
  4. Limit desserts — for many people desserts can be their downfall. Like the soft drinks, desserts are loaded with sugar that creates an unhealthy dependence on it.
  5. Avoid pre-packaged foods — Avoid the fast foods and pre-packaged food items in the grocery. Look at the nutrition labels on the containers to see the exact amount of sugar.

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