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Top Five Ways to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Top Five Ways to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

A really good article from Harvard Health Publications on incorporating fruits and vegetables into your daily eating plan. We think it is a great reminder for everyone to make sure you make it a prominent part of your meals. Remember, fruit and vegetables are an important way to help keep your weight under control, stave off many chronic diseases, lower blood pressure and encourage healthy brain function.

Some people may think fruits and vegetables are a good, healthy “add on” to a meal. Instead, we encourage them to change their view completely. Fruits and vegetables are just as important to your meal as the entree portion. According to the article, a general guideline is to eat “two cups of fruit and two-and-a-half cups of vegetables a day.” This is much easier to do than most realize.

The great part is that there is a large selection available of different types of both at your local grocery stores. With so much selection, you can vary your choices so that you don’t get bored eating the same ones too often. Also, if budget is a factor, you can always find fruits and vegetables on sale at different times.

Based on their recommendations the top five ways to eat fruits and vegetables are:

  1. Goal setting — write down your plan and make it a point to know exactly how many fruits and vegetables you are consuming and how you plan to pair it with your entry
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